Elysyle Inner Snow Cap

Stylish and Comfort Underscarf

An alternative therapy for head pressure, the snow cap is made with natural cotton and spandex, incorporating a unique technology known as NIGEN. The Elysyle Inner Snow Cap is not just stylish but also comfortable and useful for day-to-day wear.

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Elysyle Inner Snow Cap can be used as an underscarf to keep your hijab in place, making sure that your hair stays neat and tidy all day.

Wearing the Elysyle Inner Snow Cap can provide you with the following long-term benefits

1. Improves blood circulation with far infrared rays.
2. Soothes head pressure.
3. Increases oxygen level.
4. Boosts energy level.
5. Modulates sleep quality.
6. Accelerates metabolism.
7. Non-toxic fabric.
8. Breathable.
9. Comfortable fit all-day long.

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NIGEN™ is made of naturally-occurring crystalline mineral that has the ability to absorb the body’s temperature and act as an insulator by radiating far infrared rays (FIR) upon contact with the skin to retain warmth.

NIGEN™ has a two-dimensional structure of hexagonal lattice that enables better absorption and radiation of FIR energy.

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