ELYSYLE is a palindrome, a word that can be read in either forward or reverse direction. This symbolizes that beauty can be achieved from the outside in and also from the inside out.

ELYSYLE believes in beauty from head to toe – from what you apply on your face, to the diet you practise, to the lingerie you wear. Embrace your uniqueness and the beauty that you have. Welcome to our world of beauty where products are curated to suit your individual needs.

In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes.” -Violet Grey


The ELYSYLE label comprises Body Shaping Foundation Lingerie, Expert Skincare Solutions, Beauty Device, Cosmo Food and Personal Care. Each product combines Asian elements or ingredients with Western know-how and technology, to produce only the best experience with unsurpassed results. Unlike many other beauty brands, which are created with Caucasian skin in mind, ELYSYLE prides itself with its extensive range of head-to-toe beauty products that are tailor-made for Asians.

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I really enjoy using Elysyle Specialist every day and night. the Advanced Nano Pollutant Blocker, C2A Complex™ technology minimizes the appearance of fine lines puffiness and dryness in just 7 days.

Great Advances Age Recovery
leaves skin soft and moisturized. Love this product so much.

Amazing! Elysyle Inner Snow Cap helps soothes my aching head.