EL Marino Yang

Regenerate your skin cells from within

In collaboration with scientific experts, EL MARINO YANG™ has decoded the ability to regenerate cells by leveraging the stem cells of pomegranate flowers, resulting in the revolutionary formulation called V-CENTA™.  With EL MARINO YANG™, skin becomes firmer, radiant & regains its youthful state.

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Your True Age May Not Represent Your Biological Age

We are all too familiar with free radicals that damage our skin, however, we may not be aware that there is another factor that destroys our cells silently throughout our entire lives. Known as A.G.E.s*, it has the ability to cause a cell to lose its power to divide and grow.

*A.G.Es = Advanced Glycation End Products

El Marino Yang has the ability to regenerate stem cells to fight Ageing.

6-in-1 Solution to Regenerate Your Skin Cells from Within

Stem Cell Renewal – Regenerates new skin cells for cellular repair.

Stem Cell Protection – Protects stem cells by increasing the capacity for stem cell differentiation and the colony-forming efficacy for repairing damaged tissues.

Firming – Accelerates the synthesis of new collagen & elastin for firmer skin.

Whitening – Inhibits melanin synthesis to help prevent pigmentation and keep skin looking luminous.

Moisturising – Increases the skin’s ability to retain water and leaves skin dewy and radiant.

Elasticity – Collactive™ contains the same ratio as the human skin dermis: 94% collagen & 6% elastin, effectively increasing skin elasticity for bouncier skin.


The Plant Stem Cells of Pomegranate Flowers

Unlike animal placenta, pomegranate stem cells do not contain any hormones that are harmful to humans.

Pomegranate - A “superfood” that contains high antioxidant properties and is a well-known medicinal food. Pomegranate was chosen as the symbol of medicine for the 2000 UK Millennial Festival of Medicine.

  • Extraction of placenta from the pomegranate flower
  • Placenta stem cell culture
  • Isolation of proliferation cells
  • Suspension culture in bioreactor
  • Extraction
  • Drying
  • V-CENTA™


is Reinforced with 3 Other Anti-Ageing Expertise

Red Orange Complex – R.O.C®

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