ELYSYLE Contouring Pants

Achieve long and lean legs

Compress and contour with comfort for the perfect slender pair of legs. Incorporating impeccable knitting technology for the ideal ergonomic design, Elysyle’s Contouring Pants uses the best of KODENSHI materials. This flawless compression combination helps reshape your legs. Elysyle Contouring Pants now comes in Rosy Beige Special Edition, inspired by natural elegance for everyday lifestyle.

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compress & contour with comfort

With the ideal fabric compositions that produce the best compressions results.

  • 15% polyurethane
  • 85% nylon with Kodenshi

KODENSHI fiber helps to maintain the body temperature in a balance state. It enables the fabric to heat up when the weather is cold and cool down when the weather is hot, providing ventilation and comfort at all times.

4 Advanced Knitting & Compression Technology

Dual Layer Knitting

With an 11cm high waist design to SHAPE the waistline and a widened waist width to HOLD & WARM UP the tummy.

Pelvic & Hip Support Knitting

With a built-in pelvic belt to SUPPORT & TIGHTEN the pelvic, and a 3D hip pocket to LIFT & WARM UP the hip area.

Balanced Knitting

With ideal fabric composition to SUPPORT, CUSHION, SHAPE & WARM UP the inner thighs comfortably from morning to night.

Inlay Knitting

Knitting with graduated compression power to continuously COMPRESS, CONTOUR & WARM UP from ankles up to the thighs to enhance blood circulation.

The compression power of Elysyle Contouring Pants is the closest to the ideal Compression Gradient (100% – 70% – 40% ).

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • Over 30 YEARS of Expertise
  • Bestselling product in Japan

Care Instructions

REMARKS: Dry in the shade

Get fit and look stylish

Perfectly designed for the human body, this pair of pants was designed with 4 advanced knitting technologies to allow a wide range of movements. Its great elasticity helps the pants to revert back to its original shape after stretching with less wear and tear. So you don’t need to worry about tearing the pants about a vigorous workout.


Work in style

Is it possible to wear the pants to the office and still maintain a professional appearance? Why not? Pair it with your daily work wear for a sophisticated look. Plus, you won’t need to worry about the low temperatures in the office as the pants will keep you warm all day long.

Make your weekends a stylish one

If you’ve got plans this weekend, pair your pants with a casual dress and matching accessories. Look chic and fashionable without any fuss. If you decide to stay indoors, relax with a cup of tea and snuggle on the couch with your comfy pants. The soft fabric acts like a second skin that you won’t want to take off.


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